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© Page couverture l Book cover, Documents et mensonges / Documents & Lies, 1999.

Douglas Gordon, Mathew Jones, Steven Moore, Cornelia Parker
From September 10th 1999 to October 16th 1999
Documents et mensonges

Curator: André Martin

"Documents & Lies" presents the work of artists from the United Kingdom, most of them internationally renowned. The ensemble of work shown here testifies to the vitality and singularity of a certain form of British art today, characterized by sometimes cruel, if not violent aspects, a sense of the pathetic and the nostalgic, and a biting humour typical of the British youth.

Although not photographic, the works point towards a number of photographic notions and could be read as a lexicon of sorts. Their particular use of traces – reproduced, modified or simply invented – allows for the transition from a universal history to another, more personal level. By generating doubt, these projects produce a displacement of what is commonly understood by "document".

Fetishism, play obsession with the morbid, scientific methodologies questioned, suspicion staged as a way of grasping art – these issues are part of "Documents & Lies". Several productions are shown in Canada for the first time.

A publication with essays by Denis Lessard and André Martin, and reproductions of the artists’ work, will be launched at the end of the event.

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October 14, 1999
Artist's talk: Cornelia Parker

Concordia University (collaboration)

October 15, 1999
Publication launching
 Documents and Lies"

OPTICA and André Martin wish to express their warm thanks to Ms Sarah Dawbarn of The British Council, Ms Johanna Wistrom of the Frith Street Gallery in London, Mr Barry Barker of the Lisson Gallery in London and to the artists. We would also like to sincerely thank Ms Goetz of the Sammlung Goetz in Munich for the loan of Douglas Gordon’s work.

For this exhibition, OPTICA has received the support of The British Council, promoting cultural, educational and technical co-operation between Britain and other countries.

Douglas Gordon was born in Scotland and lives in Glasgow. His work incorporates various mediums such as painting, performance and video. He has exhibited at the Musée d’art moderne in Paris (1996), The Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston (1997), the Biennale de Lyon (1997) and the Dia Art Foundation in New York (with Stan Douglas) in 1999.

Mathew Jones was born in Australia. He now lives and works in London. This promising young artist’s conceptual work was qualified as an “outsider spin” by the New York Village Voice. Jones has exhibited at the Museum of Modern in Australia, in England and the United States, and participated in several major group exhibitions in Denmark, Brazil and Venezuela. He was a residing artist at New York’s P.S.1 Museum in 1996.

Steven Moore lives and works in London. “Documents & Lies” will be the first significant exhibition for this artist still unknown in his own country. His work was reproduced in POZ (Fall 1997).

Cornelia Parker lives and works in London, England. She has exhibited in Europe and North America. In 1997 Parker was guest artist in residence at ArtPace in San Antonio (Texas). A retrospective of her work was held in June 1998 at the Serpentine Gallery in London. She participated in “Avoiding Objects”, presented at the Apex Art Curatorial Program in New York in 1999. During 2000 her work will be shown in Melbourne’s International Biennial in Australia, at The Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston and at the Denver Art Museum as part of “Contemporary British Artists”. The Frith Street Gallery in London in currently preparing a solo exhibition of her recent work.

André Martin, head of programming at Dazibao for five years, curated “Matrice” by Aram Dervent, “En dehors de Soi” (with Martine Meilleur), “Un Homme et son Image” (with Thérèse St-Gelais), “Corriger les lieux, après la photographie de voyage” (with Alain Laframboise, Catherine Bédard and Claire Paquet), “Fiat Lux, Photographie et Architecture" (with Denis Bilodeau). He has written numerous articles and reviews, catalogue essays, and several photographic stories, among them L'Impasse D'A.S., forthcoming at Éditions Dazibao in September 1999.

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