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Educational Program | Fall 2016

** **Interns Wanted - Fall 2016 - Communication and Archives Assistant** **

Educational Program | Winter and Spring 2016

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Gallery 1
Simon Belleau
from September 1st 2016 to October 8th 2016

The Royal moth has no mouth.
Royal Saturniid caterpillars will eat until surrender. Melting and rearranging themselves with the raw materials of their adolescence, they reappear, fuzzy and fat, with a silent face and no digestive tract. Insatiable, burdened with an impossible itinerary, they make slow triangles and moon eyes, executing the gesture of their singular potential.
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Gallery 2
Julien Discrit
from September 1st 2016 to October 8th 2016
Nature. Culture.

Borrowing by turns from installation, performance, photography, and video, Julien Discrit’s work draws on the potential for dialogue between the humanities and the natural sciences and proposes art as a topos by which the two fields may interact. His art practice examines the gap between the actual experience of a territory and its visual or material representation, going on to investigate the divisions between ideas and practices, between concepts and percepts.
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Les samedis famille + Journées de la culture
from September 10th 2016 to October 8th 2016
Interactive Tour and Creation of a Collaborative Installation

Take part in an interactive tour of Simon Belleau’s and Julien District’s exhibitions at OPTICA. With the centre’s mediator by your side, discover works that raise perplexing questions. Here you’ll find a playful, friendly environment where family members can discuss what they’ve seen and take part in the creation of a collaborative installation.     
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Knut Åsdam
from October 19th 2016 to January 14th 2017
Biennale de Montréal - Le Grand Balcon

Opening - October 20 at 8:30pm

Exhibition of the Norwegian artist Knut Åsdam presented in collaboration with la Biennale de Montréal for BNLMTL 2016, Le Grand Balcon
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Edith Brunette
from September 1st 2016 to June 17th 2017

In partnership with OPTICA, artist Edith Brunette will undertake a documentation and art intervention project during the coming year in which she attempts to bring the worlds of art and multimedia closer together. This project falls in line with the artist’s ongoing focus on the economy of the art milieu.
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Résidence de recherche jeune création Montréal, Valence (France) : Edith Brunette [Ce qui est séparé], Gaëlle Choisne [Grangou], (no4)
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