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Educational Program | Winter and Spring 2016

Nicolas Lachance among the finalists for the Prix Pierre-Ayot

--- OPTICA's Educational Program - Fall 2015 ---

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Gallery 1
Jaana Kokko
from January 23rd 2016 to March 19th 2016
Days and Ideals

Jaana Kokko draws on philosophy to examine the political potential of representation and its performative power, which she explores in videos that merge the experimental and the didactic.
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Gallery 2
Philippe Caron Lefebvre
from January 23rd 2016 to March 19th 2016
La position de l'apex

The evolutionary adaptions of living organisms reveal a prolific capacity to ensure survival by fashioning vital forms from inert materials. With his sculptures and graphic creations, Philippe Caron Lefebvre has devised a vocabulary to transpose elements of these vital mechanisms. Exhibiting traits of bizarre and unspecifiable organic entities, the works evoke strange, unlocatable, albeit natural, environments. These outlandish creatures appear to inhabit a world that simultaneously points to a primeval origin and a far-off future. An ambiguity that is further conveyed in certain sculptures, which exert a fascinating attraction through their well-crafted textures, shapes and surfaces, while their sharp protrusions or globular orifices trigger a sense of impending threat. In crafting strange entities by drawing features from nature, the artist conjures up a world in which the familiar and unknown, the recognizable and unfathomable are juxtaposed eliciting both wonderment and disquiet. More specifically, in harnessing the remarkable inventiveness of biological adaption this approach draws on the mimicry strategies deployed by various organisms to maximize survival.
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Les samedis famille | Family Saturdays
January 30th 2016
Interactive Tour and Origami Workshop

January 30th and March 19, 2016

Interactive tour of the Philippe Caron Lefebre exhibition and an origami workshop inspired by the artist’s creations.
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Commissaire : Claire Moeder
from April 16th 2016 to June 11th 2016
Loin des yeux

In Loin des yeux, curator Claire Moeder is interested in current image practices that transform the spectatorial experience by prompting viewers to reposition their gaze and to alter their relationship to the exhibition space. Here, she brings together five artists, from Québec and abroad, who appropriate and shift the mediums of photography and video. The exhibition sheds light on the state of existence of images that maintain a certain tension between disappearance and revelation while eschewing one’s gaze through various strategies of resistance or dissimulation, such as glare, obliteration, interference with the subject, or even suppressing the presentational support.
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Théâtre de Verdure
Mathieu Latulippe Visions [Documents de recherche], Laurent Pernel, Théâtre de Verdure (no3)
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