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Nicolas Lachance among the finalists for the Prix Pierre-Ayot

--- OPTICA's Educational Program - Fall 2015 ---

** **Intern Wanted - Fall 2015 - Assistant, Conservation and Development of the OPTICA Archives** **

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Gallery 1
Nicolas Lachance
from November 14th 2015 to December 19th 2015
Sous roche transpirer

*Opening Saturday November 14, 3pm - 7pm*

How do we generate intensity in a world swamped with images, with second- and third-hand imagery, in a world that has itself become a simulacrum?
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Gallery 2
Martin Leduc
from November 14th 2015 to December 19th 2015
Cordes : in situ / in city

*Opening Saturday November 14, 3pm - 7pm*

Martin Leduc is an artist of sound and of the moment. A Montrealer hailing from Île Perrot, Leduc draws inspiration from observing and listening to the cycles of nature, such as the steady yet ephemeral modulations of wind in the leaves or on the surface of water. As in his previous work, Cordes proposes a reflection on our relationship with the sound environment through a constantly renewed, infinitely variable auditory excursion. Suggestive of eolian phenomena, this kinetic instrument spatializes sound progressions that are constantly modified according to the movements it generates. As in the Heraclitean river that one cannot enter twice1, Cordes is a stream of sound that offers an entirely different listening experience at every audition.
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Les samedis famille | Family Saturdays
from November 21st 2015 to December 21st 2015
Exhibition Visit and Introduction to the basics of printing on paper

In his new exhibition, Montreal painter Nicolas Lachance traces the shades and vestiges of spare, subtle imagery. We invite you and your family to join our cultural mediator in discovering the artist’s work. You will also have an opportunity to leave your own traces by taking part in our workshop, an introduction to the basics of printing on paper.
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Jaana Kokko
from January 23rd 2016 to March 19th 2016

Janna Kokko (Finland) is fascinated by the expressive and historical potential of artworks, yet also by the possible political impact of a finished work and its public exhibition. Her video practice captures the complexity of individuals through an array of reflexive accounts dealing with social and political issues, both historical and current. Kokko dwells on the opinions of women, of different generations, and on the status of women in Estonia during the communist period, exploring what the “political” means for them today. The artist also examines humanity’s now transformed relationship with animals, nature, and the built environment.
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Philippe Caron Lefebvre
from January 23rd 2016 to March 19th 2016

In his sculptural, installational and drawing practice, Philippe Caron Lefebvre gives prime of place to matter and form. Using clay and light construction materials, he creates hybrid forms that imitate nature, such as microscopic organisms covered with glittering synthetic pigment. He is a consumate technician, guided by an intuitive know-how, employing various strategies to explore surfaces and to provoke anachronistic juxtapositions. His works are generally staged in contexts redolent of an industrial workshop or natural history museum and unfold in a dystopian, science-fiction-inspired universe.
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Théâtre de Verdure
Mathieu Latulippe Visions [Documents de recherche], Laurent Pernel, Théâtre de Verdure (no3)
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