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Educational Program | Winter and Spring 2016

Nicolas Lachance among the finalists for the Prix Pierre-Ayot

--- OPTICA's Educational Program - Fall 2015 ---

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Gallery 1
Julien Discrit
Claire Hannicq
Anouk Kruithof
Jacinthe Lessard-L.
Pétrel | Roumagnac (duo)
Alana Riley

Commissaire | Curator : Claire Moeder

from April 16th 2016 to June 11th 2016
Loin des yeux

Saturday, April 16

2 PM - Discussion with Julien Discrit and Anouk Kruithof - Moderated by Claire Moeder

3 PM to 6 PM - Opening

Loin des yeux engages the viewer in an exploration of the invisible. The exhibition encompasses a selection of photographic and video works in which the images—partial, ambivalent, subterranean—shy away from the gaze. It brings together artists Julien Discrit (France), Claire Hannicq (France), Anouk Kruithof (United States/Netherlands), Jacinthe Lessard-L. (Québec), Pétrel | Roumagnac (duo, Finland/France), and Alana Riley (Québec).
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Samedis famille
from April 23rd 2016 to June 11th 2016
Interactive Tour and Creative Workshop

April 23 and June 11, 2016

1 PM to 4 PM

Interactive visits of the exhibitionLoin des yeux and creative workshop offered continuously to familles from 1 pm to 6 pm.
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Claire Moeder
from May 7th 2016 to June 10th 2016
Group Writing Workshop - Loin des yeux, from image to text

Group Writing Workshop
Hosted by Claire Moeder

The writing workshop invites participants to revisit their viewers’ experience of the exhibition through creative writing related to the works on display.
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Pétrel | Roumagnac (duo)
from June 2nd 2016 to June 11th 2016
Actions in the Gallery Space

Reactivation of Vincent Roumagnac’s Réserves #2

Stranded and doubtful, Réserves #2 is a piece that is either late and as yet unpacked or already taken down and repacked. During the exhibition, the curator regularly and rather fitfully moves the work from one room to another in the exhibition. Artist Roumagnac will appear on behalf of the duo in the last week of the exhibition to act upon the work.
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Pétrel | Roumagnac (duo)
June 11th 2016
Talk - Closing

OPTICA, a centre for contemporary art invites you to take part in a open discussion between curator Claire Moeder and the artist duo made up of Aurélie Pétrel and Vincent Roumagnac. The artists will exchange ideas on their work together since 2012 and on the specific productions Répétitions (La Réserve) #2 and Réserves #2, a piece that follows a “reactivation protocol” that is transformed, manipulated, and reactivated during the time of the exhibition, first by the curator and then by the artist Roumagnac.
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Théâtre de Verdure
Mathieu Latulippe Visions [Documents de recherche], Laurent Pernel, Théâtre de Verdure (no3)
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