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Gallery 1
Caroline Mauxion
from November 11th 2017 to December 16th 2017

“There is the puddle,’ said Rhoda, ‘and I cannot cross it. I hear the rush of the great grindstone within an inch of my head. Its wind roars in my face. All palpable forms of life have failed me. Unless I can stretch and touch something hard, I shall be blown down the eternal corridors for ever. What, then, can I touch? What brick, what stone? and so draw myself across the enormous gulf into my body safely?”
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Gallery 2
Teja Gavankar
from November 11th 2017 to December 16th 2017

Indian artist Teja Gavankar’s field of investigation and action is the everyday and the transformation of space in its most mundane attributes. Her drawings and in situ interventions negotiate the territory’s modes of appearance, distilling its identity and extracting its specificities. She draws from constructed surroundings, made familiar through repeated experience, and teases out new configurations. While the artist has mainly produced site-specific projects in urban spaces, the work presented at OPTICA represents a first gallery production.
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Edith Brunette
from September 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017

In partnership with OPTICA, artist Edith Brunette will undertake a documentation and art intervention project during the coming year in which she attempts to bring the worlds of art and multimedia closer together. This project falls in line with the artist’s ongoing focus on the economy of the art milieu.
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Bertille Bak
Lisa Jackson
Yoshua Okón
Helen Reed
May Truong
Commissaire | Curator: Zoë Chan

from January 20th 2018 to March 17th 2018
Performing Lives

In the exhibition Performing Lives, curator Zoë Chan looks at video in which artists mix codes, drawing both from the informational nature of the documentary medium and the world of televised and cinematic spectacle. Focusing on various cultural groups—a Roma community in Paris, residential school survivors, Guatemalan migrant workers, Twin Peaks fans, and young women of Asian-Canadian background—these narrative works reflect on the representation of its subjects in ways that go beyond the conventional display of bodies typically associated with the documentary genre.
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Raymonde April, Jessica Auer, Jacques Bellavance, Velibor Božović, Gwynne Fulton, Katie Jung, Jinyoung Kim, Lise Latreille, Celia Perrin Sidarous, Marie-Christine Simard, Bogdan Stoica, Andrea Szilasi, Chih-Chien Wang
from April 14th 2018 to June 16th 2018

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Résidence de recherche jeune création Montréal, Valence (France) : Edith Brunette [Ce qui est séparé], Gaëlle Choisne [Grangou], (no4)
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